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Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps has been serving the community since 1941 and is committed to providing coverage of emergency medical needs for the long - term. As the population grows and the demand for service increases, so do the needs of the organization. With 70 members and an annual 9-1-1 call volume of over 2200, NVAC has outgrown the facility it has occupied since 1972. 

The design has taken into consideration the need for increased integration with other Newtown-based health and wellness organizations, with a second floor devoted to education. Features of the building include: individual crew-member bunk rooms, office space for the Executive Board and the Association, six garage bays, and technologically advanced electronic and security systems. This building will include a large training room to facilitate increased community educational opportunities such as CPR and AED training, First-Aid, and Scout merit badges. It will also provide space for equipment storage and training for Emergency Medical Technician classes, which are imperative  for the continuity of an all-volunteer corps.

As one of the few remaining community-based Emergency Medical Services Corps in Connecticut, the reliance on support from others is critical and very much appreciated. 

Progress Reports

April 23, 2014

Warmer weather has been good to us! The construction crew has been hard at work making this building really come together after years of planning. It's a very exciting time for all of us, and before very long, we will be enjoying the new facility. These are some of the most recent pictures taken at the job site just last week.



January 10, 2014:

The building is showing incredible progress with most of the downstairs framing complete and the upstairs metal framing going up right now! These new metal walls are going to enclose our education space and meeting area for Corps and community training. We're very excited to see so much progress already. Each step further in the process is a step closer to providing even better emergency care to the community of Newtown. The pictures below were taken by an ambulance member who stopped by the job site recently. They are facing the rear of the building where the patio and rear garage doors will be located:


Monday, August 12:

The construction site is now a hard hat area, with an orange fence around it. The gate just opposite the Reed School is now locked and the construction crew has begun to tear up the driveway leading to that gate.

Excavation has begun as well as some cutting down of tress. The surveyor has marked the limits of the actual building and soil has been sent to the lab to make sure that it can support the weight of the new building.  This is especially important since fill had been used in some areas of Fairfield Hills. The soil will be evaluated based on state and federal regulations.

Rain was predicted for the next day, but unless the rain is heavy the work will continue.

Monday, August 19:

The soil passed the test and so the crew is about to pour the footings. They will be using wood forms with metal rebar in the concrete for extra support.

Brian Feeney, the Clerk of the works, and representatives of the construction company, Nosal, are now waiting for temporary electricity for their construction trailer.

The carpenters on the site, it is noted, all work directly for Nosal.

Brian reports that some joggers stop by to ask him questions if he’s outside (which is a lot) but no one has come up with any really interesting questions.

Most of the visitors who enter the site (typically, members of the Board of Trustees and the building committee) wear white hard hats, although a green hard hat has been noted.  Typically, Brian notes, white hats are worn by supervisors, blue  hats are worn by plumbers and steel workers wear green. (The person wearing green is not a steel worker)  All but one of the workers at the site have been wearing white hardhats.  The other worker is wearing a hat that looks like a cowboy hat, but is especially constructed to meet OSHA standards for hard hats.

It is hoped that the building will be closed in by January, weather permitting.

If you look down on some parts of the site, you can see the remnants of the material used by the Victory Garden to prevent weeds.  Brian notes that the construction created a fair amount of wood chips and that he passed them onto the Victory Garden.

Architectural Renderings


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